Sunday, November 27, 2011


Four Cheese Spinach Dip: served with pita chips. (J) Got this free from joining their newsletter! So good and cheesy. The bread was fluffy like naan. (S) The cheesy dip was so good! Too bad the bread had to be so big and thick, took up a lot of room in my belly.

Rib & Wing Combo: with Guinness sauce. (J) Ribs were saucy and tender. I thought the wings were fried a little too long.

Smokey Portobello Chicken: smokey bacon whiskey mushroom sauce, mash potatoes, cajun onion rings. (J) Interesting flavour. Crispy onion rings are always good. (S) The mushrooms and chicken went well together, and the mashed potatoes was so creamy and fluffy.

Location: 1972 Eglinton Avenue E, Scarborough ON M1L 2M6
Phone: (416) 285-7126

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Paradise Banquet Hall

Vince & Isabel's Wedding

Hors d'oeuvres

Spring rolls, rice ball, stuffed mushroom, beef, pastries, chicken and shrimp. (J) I liked the crispy ones like the spring rolls and battered shrimp. (S) I liked the spanakopita and the spring rolls! The stuffed mushroom was pretty good too.


Butternut Squash Soup (J) Thick and hearty. (S) SO delicious.

Cheese Agnolotti in Rose Sauce (J) Mmm so creamy and cheesy. I'd eat seconds if we didn't have more food coming. (S) The servers piled on a lot for us. I wish I could have eaten more, but had to save room!

Chicken Forestiere & Veal Maria: chicken breast with oyster, shitake & button mushroom sauce; breaded veal topped with mushroom, pepper & tomato, served with Greek salad. (J) The salad was really good. We couldn't finish all the meat, but luckily they packed our leftovers for us. (S) I really liked how the vegetables were seasoned, very tasty. I couldn't believe it when we got both chicken and veal. I'm glad they let us pack it up.


Paradise Trio: half tartufo, ice cream crepe and chocolate covered strawberry. (J) I really liked the crepe, which had a fruit spread inside that went well with the other flavours. (S) I liked the tartufo, I liked the different flavours and textures.

(J) There were lots of cakes and pastries, but we were full from dinner, so we stuck with fruits. I had the printed chocolate though and ate the bride and groom up! (S) We were also able to take home some fruits, thanks to Vince & Isabel, we had pineapples for a week!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jack Astor's

Chicken BLT Poutine (J) Very good, but I found all the extra toppings unnecessary. (S) I liked all the extra toppings! All the flavours went nicely together, and the cheese curds were so delightfully squeaky.

Topless Steak Sandwich: with side Garden salad and Sassafrazz drink (fruit juices mixed with Sprite). (J) Side salad was big. I really liked the onion strings. Drink wasn't as fizzy as I thought it would be. (S) Yes, salad was big for a SIDE salad, but I'm not complaining. Steak and mushrooms go really well together and the onion rings topped it off with a crunch.

Señor Jack's Jalapeño Burger: with side of vegetables and Diet Coke. (J) Opted for a healthy veggie side. Burger was not very spicy, but satisfying. (S) I only had a tiny bit of this burger. It was spicy but not the spiciest I've tasted.

Location:1060 Don Mills Road, Toronto ON M3C 0H8
Phone:(416) 331-9238

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Swiss Chalet

Festive Special

Chicken Festive Special (J) Pretty good fall-off-the-bone chicken with chalet sauce as usual. (S) The chicken is always good with the Swiss Chalet sauce. The stuffing was tasty as well.

Ribs Festive Special (J) I didn't know they had a ribs version of the special. It only comes with Lindor chocolates though, and not the extra sides. The edge of the ribs was dry. (S) This Swiss Chalet was pretty busy during lunch and the server forgot to bring the ribs sauce. The ribs were pretty fall-off-the-bone as well.

Location:900 Don Mills Road, Toronto ON M3C 1V6
Phone: (416) 449-4530

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hana Korea

Appetizers: pickled radish, kimchi, tofu, edamame and glass noodles.

Dumplings (J) We got steamers to not aggravate our stomachs. (S) The texture of the wrap had a good chew, and it wasn't soggy. I liked that.

Dolsot Bibimbap (S) I always get the same thing, only because I know I will undoubtedly like it. I usually don't like to touch the food until the rice has crisped up, but the rice came separately.

Gamjatang (J) I'm always eager to eat this and burn my tongue. There was a huge bone with lots of meat at the bottom! Not at all spicy. (S) I agree, not spicy so that I could eat it and it was delicious. The meat was so soft and fall-off-the-bone good.

Location: 45 Baldwin St. (Basement), Toronto ON M5T 1L1
Phone: (416) 979-9453

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Pho Saigon

#09: Fresh roll with shrimp and peanut dipping sauce. (J) I didn't feel like eating anything fried, so opted for these fresh rolls. I drenched them in the sauce and it was tasty. (S) Peanut sauce all the way! The rolls were clean-tasting, and the peanuts added extra crunch.

#35: House special. (J) Next time I'm getting this. S got more stuff in hers - I'll just give her the intestines and tendons. (S) Mmm...tendons and intestines. Too bad there was only 1 beef ball, those are my favourites.

#37: Rare beef. (J) I think I needed a larger size. Hot soup hit the spot on a crisp fall day! (S) You needed more meat. Mine visibly fills more of the bowl than yours :P

Location: 1921 Eglinton Ave, Toronto, ON M1L 2L6
Phone: (416) 759-5999

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

5th Elementt

Roasted Cauliflower Soup: with naan crouton and pineapple juice. (J) Nice spice flavours. (S) I was surprised to see naan floating in the soup. Nice touch.

Sirloin Steak: with curried spinach puree. (J) One piece was rare while the other was more well done. (S) I had a craving for steak. This was definitely satisfying.

Mushroom Biryani: with onion raita and lentil stew. (J) Some mushrooms were salty, but it balanced when raita was poured on the rice. (S) The yogurt was really good. It made the dish less spicy.

Chocolate Souffle: (J) Warm, soft and sweet. (S) I thought soufflé was supposed to sink. This one didn't, it was nice (minus the fruit sauce on the cake).

Location: 506 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 2B3
Phone: (416) 504-3213

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